Saturday, April 4, 2009

In Denial, I Rode a Boat

No, silly punographers, I didn't "row" a boat in the Nile, I simply rode one. Or perhaps more correctly--as I wasn't Humphey Bogart--I rode in one. (Though if I were Humphrey Bogart, I would have traded for the other Hepburn). Yes, for what I thought was a fairly ridiculous fee, and even that was already less than half of where the negotiation started, I got to ride in a creaky old tourist boat up the Nile River--or perhaps technically down the river, as I believe we headed north, and the Nile is the only river to float upstream. Sorry, now I'm confused too. Anyway, I rode in a boat for about an hour with a guy who really didn't speak any English, but still tried to point out things I should photograph. The scenery really wasn't all that spectacular, and really isn't anywhere in Cairo except for the Pyramids, but the Nile River ride can be chalked up as another once in a lifetime experience.

Before denial, I spent a couple hours in the Egyptian Museum, seeing all sorts of really old stuff, including a bunch of King Tut's stuff, mummy cases, statues and more. I'm not really too fervent about Egyptian art; I admire the age and even some of the visuals, but to me, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. I did not pay extra to go to the Royal Mummy Room and see actual mummies. Guess you could say, "I missed my Mummy."

Also went to the Citadel, where I entered a mosque for the first time in my life. Had to take my shoes off. I also saw some old churches and even an old synagogue, now defunct as Egypt no longer has a Jewish population.

I ate at a restaurant overlooking the pyramids; food was OK, but the view was better.

Tomorrow, I'll probably go to a couple more places with the guide, including the Khan Al Khallil, a huge outdoor bazaar. It's turning out that nothing in Cairo is really essential except the pyramids, but I have to fill my time somehow. It's good to know about, but not somewhere I'll rush back to.

As I explained yesterday, I'm on an internet-access card that expires tonight, so no blogging tomorrow. Monday morning I fly to London, and am on limited time there, so I'm not sure I'll post then either, unless there's a free computer in the hotel or still the cheap internet joint in Picadilly. I'll be home on Tuesday, and back at work on Wednesday.

So thanks for reading along. This is a day early, but for now--after having walked like an Egyptian--I'll leave you with this (sorry if the sound is bad; I can't hear it):

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Paolo said...

I know you enjoy a good pun like I do. At some point in Egypt you should have led a post with "Walk Like an Egyptian," and then posted the video. Was Susanna Hoffs hot or what? :-)