Friday, March 28, 2014

Samba Chanted Evening

Following up on my earlier post--which covered most of Friday's activities--tonight I went to an establishment called Plataforma.

I went on a local tour bus that was arranged through my hotel but I really didn't interact with anyone except the tour leader, but I don't think anyone else was North American or even British.

Plataforma is known for having what is essentially called a Samba show, but I was forewarned by TripAdvisor reviews that it was more a folklore dance show.

Within the context of what it was--an evenings entertainment featuring music and dancing native to Brazil--I sufficiently enjoyed it.

Not so unlike the Irish-themed Heartbeat of Home, the production featured incredibly sculpted and talented men and women doing dances in a variety of styles and costumes, including those representative of ones worn during Carnaval.

it didn't match the production values of a Las Vegas show, but was a bit more appealing because of this. Some of the numbers were better than others but most were rather impressive.

Before the show I had gone to a Bob's Burgers near my hotel. Bob's is a chain akin to McDonald's but I don't know where it originated.

The service was a bit slow for fast food, but the Gran Picanha sandwich and combo I got was satisfactory if not quite sensational.

Even better was the Dulce de Leche churro I got from a nearby cart.

Tomorrow I'm planning to see some sites in the Centro (downtown) area. Supposedly it's a bit desolate on weekends; hopefully no more so in Chicago's Loop.

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