Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shall We Dansk?

After another picture-perfect day in Copenhagen, highlighted by a visit to Rosenborg Castle -- the impressive royal residence of 16th century King Christian IV complete with a treasury -- I went to see a Danish version of The King and I. It was worth seeing just for the sets, costumes (this was a major Broadway type production in a 100-year old theater) and though I love old musicals, this is one from which I can only name (and thus sing along) about 3 songs...despite having seen it in Chicago about 5 years ago and owning the movie. But though I knew in advance that it would be sung in Danish, it seems a bit unfair. Willie Nelson is in town -- I would've seen him were he not sold out and pricey -- and I don't think he sang On the Road Again in Danish. And don't get me started on opera. But oh well. Someone's waiting so I feel rushed and will cut this short.

Hope to blog again from Stockholm.

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