Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stockholm: 7-Eleven? Thank heaven!

I write this from a computer station within a 7-Eleven in the heart of Stockholm's Gamla Stan (Old Town). The first time I walked by, I took a picture due to the dissonance of an American convenience store being in a beautiful building in Stockholm. But now I noticed the chance to use the Internet (my hotel doesn't provide access), so I threw my sense of propriety out the window.

You might wonder why I'm blogging at Noon on a lovely day in Stockholm. But though this is the first true day in Stockholm and I've only been touring for about 2 hours, my legs and assorted other tourist discomforts could use the respite. Nothing major, but a 20-minute break from schlepping should do me good.

Stockholm is interesting; from what I've seen so far, there isn't even the ubiquitous historic beauty of Copenhagen, let alone other Euro cities, but something about it just feels a bit more vibrant and fresh. This could partially be because my hotel is a bit away from City Center and last night I ate at a place that felt local, not touristy. And it dawns on me that if I want to see an abundance of Swedish blondes, the tourist spots are probably the last place I should be.

But alas (not a lass;) I believe I'm moments away from hitting the Nobel Museum. So on that note...


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