Friday, May 2, 2008

Seeing Cubs and Bears in Stockholm

Today was an enjoyable day in Stockholm. I went to three highly recommended (by Rick Steves) attractions, all tourist-focused but a ways away from City Center. First I went to the Nordic Museum, which despite it's name, only focused on Sweden. It was OK, but nothing I found too informative. Basically, Sweden (and Denmark, per my visit to their National Museum) has progressed with the times, in terms of fashion, technology, economics, etc. I know that sounds simplistic, but there really wasn't anything explaining how Scandinavia has been a leader in design (or too much of a novel nature).

Next, and much better, was the Vasa Museum, which houses and explains a warship that was built in 1628, sank 20 minutes into its first voyage, was raised in 1961 largely intact, but still required restoration until 1990 when the museum opened. It was pretty fascinating to see an old wooden warship, with tons of statues and carvings, and the museum was well put together.

Finally, I went to Skansen, an outdoor folk museum. I got there too late to see any demonstrations of 17th century farming or family life, or whatever live displays they have, but still roamed and saw plenty of old buildings that have been transported from various parts of Sweden. But the highlight was an area with live animals, like bison and a mama bear with 3 cubs. Maybe not justification for coming all the way to Sweden, but I got some fun photographs.

Overall I like Stockholm for what it is, but somewhat like Copenhagen, I'm realizing that my benchmarks for great cities are Chicago, New York, London and Paris and that whatever great things other cities may have, they're just somewhat lesser. Not as much to see, not as much to do. Also, I'm again reminded that I often get more from traveling once I'm back home than I do when I'm schlepping around in the moment. Just an observation, not a complaint.

And yes, I'm once again bloggin' from a 7-Eleven.


jordan said...

can't wait to see the pix. and while you're there can you pick me up a slurpee and a couple lottery tickets?

WendySchmidt said...

That should be the name of your next drug-soaked autobiographical road novel -- Bloggin' from the 7-Eleven.