Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Moment to Reflect

In checking my email this morning, including many kind notes based on my message yesterday, I saw that my sister Allison let me know that my Aunt Mickey passed away last night. I certainly knew this was coming, and as she had become bed-ridden, pain-riddled and uncommunicative, at this point her passing was merciful.

I did not have the closest nor warmest relationship with Mickey in recent years, but I loved her and will miss her. We were very close when I was younger; her lifelong love of travel, theater and the arts undoubtedly influenced mine; and she was always quite appreciative & admiring of whatever creative pursuits I shared with her, from my poetry, pun cartoon calendars, greeting cards, photography and whatever else. And for all of that I will always be grateful.

Mickey was 76 years old, and only learned of having cancer in the beginning of February. It is sad that she passed so quickly after that, but good that she was able to live her life so fully until. It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of love from her many friends, and all the family members who came to town to say their goodbyes. In a way, she reunited us.

I had a chance to see Mickey three times in the last month, most recently this past Sunday night. And as she had requested, I had a chance to say a prayer for her at the Western Wall, seemingly just shortly before she passed.

I left a note in the wall cracks, as is custom. It said simply: G-d Bless Mickey Arkin 3/25/09.

Be at peace Mickey. Love, Seth.


gilda_shops said...

hey Seth!
Sorry to hear about your loss. Glad she's no longer in pain. Thanks for keeping me in the tour loop. Are you going there to find yourself?

Paolo said...

My condolences for your loss, my friend. I think leaving a note at the wall for her is something she would have cherished.