Monday, March 30, 2009

Spectacular Petra

It's late, I'm tired (but have reached Tel Aviv), so I'll keep this brief. I just wanted to convey that Petra, an archeological site in Jordan, has to rank among the most astonishing places I've ever been. And despite some troubling memory card issues, I should have some good pictures to share when I return.

But after getting down to Eilat yesterday, getting up before dawn, spending hours at border control getting into Jordan from Israel, riding 2+ hours to Petra, walking miles around Petra (though on the way out, I took a horse-drawn chariot), getting back across the Israel border with crazy security, getting to the Eilat airport, flying to Tel Aviv and getting to my hotel (a nice Best Western with a big suite), it's time for bed. Vacation is hard work.

I heard it snowed in Chicago; sorry I missed it.

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