Thursday, March 26, 2009

A passage back to the place I was before?

OK, so the two posts I put up earlier today and tonight were kind of heavy. So before I head to bed, I'll share a lighter note.

Having been able to travel to a variety of places, especially over the last 10 years or so, I enjoy discovering things that provide a sense of linkage from one place to another. One thing that really strikes a chord on this note (puns intended, of course) are street musicians. From the blind opera singer in Prague who read sheet music in Braille, to the one-handed drummer in Copenhagen, to the guy with an acoustic guitar and harmonica in New Orleans--who when I gave him some money and asked if knew any Neil Young, pulled out "Powderfinger" as the only one he knew--I always enjoy watching street musicians of various types and often give them some money in exchange for being able to shoot a bit of video.

So today, as I'm walking through the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, I came across a guy with an acoustic guitar playing and singing on a bench. I had already seen another guy singing songs in Hebrew, so I thought this guy might be too, but as I got closer, I discerned that he was singing "Hotel California." I did catch a bit on video, but he didn't notice me, nor had a tip jar or open guitar case, so I just walked on.

But tomorrow, I'm off on a day-trip down to Masada and the Dead Sea, so I'm sure a dark desert highway awaits. Not so sure about the warm smell of Colitas.

OK, now I'll stop for the night.

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