Thursday, April 3, 2014

History, Shopping, Grandeur, Art, Tango Combine for a last day in BA

It's 12:30 AM and I just got back from a tango show--observatory not participatory--and I have to wake up in five hours to go to the airport.

So I'll just say I spent some time in the area of Buenos Aires known as La Boca, a cool and kitschy old neighborhood now lined with souvenir shops.

I took a tour of Teatro Colon, an opera house that was truly impressive even after having seen other grand halls in Vienna, Budapest and Rio de Janeiro over the past year.

Also went to the Museo Belas Artes, which  has free admission and a rather impressive international collection.

Then dinner in the San Telmo area and watching tango and hearing music at El Viejo Almacen. It was pretty cool.
And so was this trip. Once again, no rain.

I should be home either late Friday night or early Saturday morning. 

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