Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lollapalooza Takes Awhile to Get Into, Literally

It's late and I'm tired so I'll make this fast.

The infrastructure for Lollapalooza in Buenos Aires was ridiculously bad. 

(continued in the morning)

Although we had purchased tickets months ago, there was no mail option, and we tried the local pick up option only to find it no longer existed. So this required us to pick up our tickets at the box office.

This wound up requiring waiting in line for 3 hours. Yes, 3 f*cking hours!


All the bands we missed should sue Lollapalooza.

The strange thing is we never felt all that crowded once we were inside the grounds, which were on a large horseracing track.

So we were able to rather comfortably sit down and stay in one place for most of the performances.

The first band we saw was Imagine Dragons, who I don't really love but Paolo and Suzanne like, but it was nice just to finally get some music for our time and money and effort.

Lorde was playing at another stage at the same time so I walked over to hear a little bit of her as well.

Then we heard the French band Phoenix.

Nine Inch Nails was the penultimate headliner at one of the main stages and played a powerful set albeit with many songs I didn't recognize.

At the same time and at a stage far too close, New Order was playing. S o sometimes I would drift over there and other times I could just hear them fine between NIN songs.

I should mention here that it was considerably cooler--temperature-wise--than we were expecting with a strong wind, and we were unsure how we were going to get back to our hotel many miles away (the festival took place in the Buenos Aires suburb).

So although the night's last act, Arcade Fire, was terrific we wind up leaving about half an hour early, only to find that the train we were hoping to catch had stopped running hours before.

So we wound up walking blocks throughout San Isidro, a leafy suburb that never felt unsafe, and eventually--as was my original suggestion--wound up at a local hotel where we were able to have them call us a cab. And I think will have the same driver pick us up at the same place tonight.

So hopefully getting in will be a lot easier and getting out. And I'll bring my jacket.

Plus I've already found the full Arcade Fire set on YouTube.

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